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 The fieldtrip to Le Mont-Saint-Michel and Saint-Malo is cancelled

 Monday 22 October 2018 (2pm-4pm)

Rennes: Tour of historic center...

 Setting off from the Chapel of Saint-Yves (15th century) where flamboyant Gothic architecture adorns the facade, you will explore the narrow, winding streets lined with colourful half-timbered houses dating back to the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. You will visit the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre (16th-19th centuries), and its decorations inspired by Roman basilicas and the city’s defensive heritage, embodied in the twin tower gatehouse of Portes Mordelaises gates—the last remaining vestige of the entrance to the mediaeval town. 

The two royal squares designed by the architect of Louis XV stand alongside outstanding townhouses built for members of Brittany’s Parliament.

... and the Parlement of Brittany building

 Designed by Salomon de Brosse, the Parlement buildingis a key building in the heritage of Rennes, revealing a unique example of 17thcentury pictorial art depicting the history of Brittany. The great Parisian artists adorned what is now the Court of Justice with sumptuous French-style ceilings, gilded panelling and allegorical paintings. The Main Chamber is the pearl of this exceptional interior decor.

Partially destroyed by fire in 1994, it was immaculately restored and reopened to the public in 1999.



Friday 26 October 2018 (8.30am-6.30pm)  Cancelled

Saint-Malo and Mont Saint-Michel

Based on a rocky island, the corsair city Saint-Malo is surrounded by ramparts which shelter the cathedral dedicated to Saint Vincent and ship owners' mansions (17th-18th centuries). The 1944 liberation battles devastated the town and destroyed the walled city by 80%. It is from those reserved and restored ruins that St-Malo raised again, thanks to a heritage-conscious reconstruction design.

“Wonder of the Western world”, the Mont Saint-Michel raises itself in the heart of an immense bay invaded by most tides of Europe. Registered on the “World heritage” by Unesco in 1979, this tourist top-place receives more than three million visitors a year. During the visit, you will discover the Main Street with its shops and its houses dating back to the 15th and the 16th centuries. You will visit the abbey that offers a full outlook of the medieval architecture from the 11th to the 16th century. By descending the road of ramparts, you can contemplate the incomparable beauty of the Bay.

Note: Saint Malo will be hosting the prestigious race Le Route du Rhum (good opportunity to see trimarans and skippers!)





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