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Contributions will be welcome on any aspect of ecology, including focused empirical and theoretical ecological studies, and evolution, to engage and strengthen fruitful collaboration and intellectual exchanges. Registration desks will open October 22nd; a welcome drink will be offered from 5 pm to 9 pm. The opening of the conference will take place on October 23rd at 8.45 am.

The talks will be in English and last 15 minutes maximum (talk: 12 minutes, questions: 3 minutes). The preferred size of your posters should be A0 (841 x 1189 mm).

The main following topics can be covered during the sessions of this conference:


-     Agro-ecology and ecology of agro-ecosystems 

-     Behavioural ecology

-     Biological invasions

-     Chemical ecology

-     Conservation biology

-     Dealing with heterogeneous data (session CESAB/FRB)

-     Dispersal ecology

-     Eco-evolutionary dynamics

-     Ecological interactions

-     Ecophysiology

-     'EcoServ' (Phd Students)

-     Ecotoxicology / Environmental pollutants

-     Environmental genomics

-     Environmental health

-     Epigenetics and environment

 -     Evolution

-     Global changes and biodiversity

-     Halieutic ecology

-     Health and environment

-     Holobiont and extended phenotype

-     Interaction of ecological and social aspects in the categorization of spaces and species

-     Landscape ecology

-     Marine ecology

-     Paleoecology: How todays ecosystems became what they are?

-     Participative sciences in ecology

-     Polar ecology

-     Population and community ecology (from micro to macro-organisms)

-     Remote sensing in ecology

-     Restoration ecology

-     Soil ecology

-     Spatio-temporal dynamics of ecosystems

-     The role of aquatic macrophytes in the functioning of freshwater ecosystems

-     Theoretical ecology

-     Trait-based approaches in ecology

-     Tropical ecology

-     Urban ecology


Please contact us if you are aiming at submitting a contribution in a topic that has not been listed above.


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